Part 3

Ways To Hypnotize Men And Women

Before I talked about that hypnosis happens when something or someone has the subjects total and undivided attention and the attention has to have a great connection to the subconscious.

There are two main ways to hypnotize men and women:

The Therapist

You have most likely seen in the movies tactics from the early 19th century where the hypnotist waves his pocket watch and has his subject totally focus on it while he talks him or her into the deep hypnosis trance.

This was the first western technique to hypnotize someone. But because it is not very effective is hardly ever used now.

Focusing on the hypnotist's voice while he leads you step by step, as slowly as needed into deep trance, is more effective and works on most people.

The comfort and relaxation is the connection to the subconscious for the hypnotist. Little by little the person will feel so good to give away the conscious for a while and led the subconscious totally take over.

This is the method used by most hypno-therapists. It has the benefit to give deep trance, work for most people and build trust between the client and the hypnotist.

When using this method, you need to have quiet relaxed environment and try to block out any distraction.

A different approach is used by most stage hypnotists.

The Stage Hypnotist.

This is much more intense method and doesn't work for as many people.

With this method, the hypnotist gives his subjects many rapid suggestions and commands.

He kind of overwhelms them with commands and stress to obey him.

The commands have to be force-full and convincing to push the person to do as he commands and release their will over to him.

This way works extremely well on stage where most people are not very comfortable and therefore look for shelter with someone who seems to be at ease and is ready to protect them.

The fear and insecurity about what is going to happen are the gateways to the subconscious for the hypnotist.

Because only part of the audience can be hypnotized, the hypnotist needs to pick out the people who are going to give him a good show.

He does that by giving the audience commands that will determent who are open to be hypnotized and who is not. For example people who can easily get into a fantasy are better subjects than someone who can't.

Actually, no matter which method you use there are ...

Three Things Hypnotist Subjects
Need To Be Able To Hypnotize Them

They need to ...

  • Be open for being hypnotized.
  • Believe He/She can be hypnotized.
  • Feel comfortable and relaxed obeying the hypnotist.

So you see that big part of the hypnotist work is to build trust and believe in him. This often happens way before the actual hypnosis process starts.

Hypno-therapists do this by talking to their client, sharing understanding and take the time to build trust.

Show hypnotist on the other hand might do this by vibrate confident, putting up fancy magical show and advertising to build the believe that they can indeed do magic.

But grabbing the attention and building believe in the hypnotist is not enough. You need to learn to talk directly to the subconscious, before and after you hypnotize the person.

This is the part where so called mind control comes in. Talking directly to the subconscious and shun the conscious, you have the possibility to influence people without they being aware of it.

Now we are going to learn to talk to the suconscious mind directly, which I often refer as the big hypnotize notorious ...




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