Part 1

How To Hypnotize People!

Lets start by eliminating few myths about what happens when a hypnotist hypnotizes people.

Hypnosis Is Totally Harmless.

Stage hypnosis and hypnotizing people for fun has no side effects. Hypnosis it self can not harm you in any way.

Even if you are a total amateur and can't even wake your subject up, he/she will just wake up totally rested few hours later.

The only danger is if you try to play a therapist.

You are communicating with the subconscious, which stores many deep emotions and memories. Nobody except certified hypno-therapist should try to work on people emotional or habitual issues through hypnosis.

You will learn later in this guide how this can make the problem worse.

Other than that, being hypnotized is totally save.

And you don't have to worry about being taken advantaged of by a hypnotist because unlike modern believe...

People Are Not Totally Under The Hypnotist's Power.

He can ask them to do almost anything. And they will obey, as long as the request is within the persons moral limits.

If hypnotist hypnotizes people and ask them to bark like a dog, then it is no problem. They wouldn't usually do that if they weren't hypnotized but it is nothing they would consider unethical.

However if the hypnotist would ask someone to take of the clothes, minority would obey and some would even snap out of the hypnotized state.

It would be against their ethical standard to take of their clothes in front of audience.

So Why Do People "Make Fool" Out Of Them Self Then?

Because in a hypnotized state, you become more like a child playing. You have a super interest in everything the hypnotist wants you to do. And everything is fun.

It's like a game...

He tells you to bark like a dog and you immediately go into it and feel like it is a lot of fun to bark like a dog.

Then he tells you to eat an ice-cream and you become absolutely focused on the delicious taste in your moth. Even if you have nothing in your hand.

It's like watching an interesting movie...

You live your self totally into the movie and won't even notice things around you. In a way you become the people in the movie; you feel what they feel, you think what they think and there is nothing outside this movie.

However, you know that the movie is not real and that there is a real world out there. You just decide to forget about the world outside and give your self totally to the movie.
The movie hypnotizes you!

When the hypnotist hypnotizes someone, the same thing happens.

When the hypnotist tells you that you are a dog, you know that is not a reality. But you decide to give your self to the hypnotist for a while and act like a dog.

It is a lot of fun to act, isn't it?

So everything that captures your total attention could be considered hypnosis. This could be anything like...

  • Book
  • Lover's eyes
  • Beautiful view
  • Comedienne on stage

Or anything else that captures your attention and connects to your subconscious.

Did I Say Subconscious?

That is where the real magic comes in, Lets look closer at the subconscious and how to hypnotize the two minds...






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