Part 4

The Big Hypnotize Notorious,
Talking To The Subconscious

I am often asked for a script of hypnotist script to be used by someone who has never hypnotized someone before.

My answer is always the same; "I could give you the best script in the world, but it wouldn't do you any good until you have learned to talk to the subconscious directly.

Hypnotizing The Subconscious Mind Is The Real Art

Any good advertising person knows they won't sell anything talking to the customers conscious.

Around 95% of all decisions are made by the subconscious and if you want to influence people, you talk directly to it.

Again, I don't believe you can make anybody do anything totally against his or her moral judgment.

For example all the web sites that claim to teach how to hypnotize women to have sex. They all have a minimal requirement that she has a little bit of interest in the man.

However by talking to the subconscious, you can increase what ever interest a person might have in which ever subject.

And that is what hypnotist do. When you hypnotize someone you...

Talk To The Subconscious
Without The Conscious Being Aware Of It!

You do this by changing the tone of your voice and picking words in a special way to get the subconscious message through without triggering the suspicious of the conscious.

This is way too complicated matter to explain it in details here in my short articles. But here is pretty much how this works...

The subconscious can read between lines and it listen differently than the conscious. It will totally clear out some words.

For example all negation will be ignored. So if you are talking to the subconscious and say: "Do not smoke a cigaret", the subconscious will understand it like: "Do smoke a cigaret".

An other thing the subconscious does is to rearrange what you say depending on the tone of your voice. Everything you say in a strong tone will go into one sentence and everything you say in a weaker will go into an other sentence or be ignored.

Talk To The Subconscious In Any Situation!

If I am hypnotizing my 5 year old daughter to eat her dinner for example I might go like this: "Jasmine, tonight you don't have to eat your dinner now.

Notice if you ignore the text that is not strong, the sentence will read: "Jasmine eat your dinner now". Which is a direct order to the subconscious.

Sales man might go something like this: "Some people like to buy three of these products, but I have learned now that not everyone is the same".

Which would read to the subconscious like a direct order: "Buy This Product Now". This motivates many people to buy.

Most people have some resistance giving up the control over their subconscious and fall into hypnosis trance.

The only way to get them into the trance (even if they volunteered to be hypnotized) is by talking directly to the subconscious without triggering any suspicions of the conscious.

You Have To Trick People Into Trance!

The change in the tone of your voice and the flow of the sentence has to be totally natural.

Your subject needs to feel at ease listening to you and be ready to volunteer to release the power of their subconscious over to you.

So when leading your subject into hypnosis, you can suggest: "You decide if you close your eyes or keep them open. We have all the time in the world, and you don't have to fall into deep sleep now".

Which the conscious will hear as friendly, non threatening guidance, which gives a freadom to chose but the subconscious will hear as direct order: "close your eyes and fall into deep sleep now!".

You only have to trick people into the hypnosis trance.

When they are hypnotized, you can talk directly to the subconscious and don't have to worry about the conscious.

Just make sure you talk to the subconscious in a language it understands.

This Is Only Part Of The Art!

The tricks and methods I've told you about here are only small part of everything you have to know to become successful hypnotist. This is only the beginning.

Practicing talking to the subconscious and becoming a good hypnotist is a life long process. You have to consciously pick every words you use and how you use your voice.

But as your talents grow stronger, you are developing powerful skills that will benefit you in every area of your life, not only as a professional hypnotist.

So keep on learning, read everything you can get your hands on about hypnosis, the subconscious, and the human mind.

The best source of information I've found is written by a great hypnotist named Igor Ledochowski. You can check out his work here

But most of all start practicing!




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