Part 2

Hypnotize The Minds

Every human being has two kinds of minds. When you hypnotize the mind, you reach the subconscious directly and give the conscious mind a rest.

The conscious mind controls the thoughts we are aware. Like when we calculate something, make conscious decisions, or wonder about something.

The subconscious does everything else like our body functions and emotions. Most people can't control these function consciously even if they wanted. For example, you can't think your heart beat up.

So the big question is...

Do You Control Your Subconscious,
Or Does It Control You?

We usually led the subconscious control things that we know so well that we do them automatically like walking or talking.

However we can grab in and make conscious decision about how and where we walk and what and how we say things.

Most things in our life are run on autopilot by the subconscious. We even automatically say things, like greetings, without thinking about it.

And because most of our emotional reality is stored and ran from the subconscious, every emotional decision we make come from there.

And keep in mind that most decisions we make are emotional, even the decision we often think are totally rational.

When the hypnotist hypnotizes the mind, he reaches the subconscious directly and can persuade it to change it's habits.

Try To Tell Your Self Not To Be Hungry!

No matter how much you try to think about not being hungry, you can't change that reality, right?

However, if you are faced with something extremely interesting or fun, you may totally forget that you where hungry just few minutes before. And then wake up again and remember, "Oh right, I am starving".

The subconscious all of a sudden changed it's focus from pushing you to eat, towards something more interesting or fun.

The hypnotist can do the same by reaching the subconscious directly and persuade it to reduce your hunger. It's as simple as that.

So the subconscious runs the show most of the time and to take over you have to reprogram it. The conscious doesn't have the ability to control everything, every minute. It only has the ability to set the ground rules.

The Rules Have To Be Right.

And because the subconscious runs like an automatic program, the hypnotist has to be very clear about giving it the right commands.

For example one sentences a hypnotist should not say would be:

"the mere thought of a cigaret will make you want to puke"

This could have serious side effects on a business meeting when the subject all of a sudden starts puking, because someone mentioned a cigarette. And believe me, programming the subconscious like this is possible.

So you see that the responsibility is huge.

But now we know a little about how the hypnosis state works and the power of the subconscious.

But how does the hypnotist gain the focus of his subject and reach it's subconscious. Let's look closer at ways to hypnotize ...






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